Monday, February 10, 2014

Easy Torn Slipper into Elbow Rest

I got a new neon green elbow rest!
My fuzzy slipper tore and I got an idea...

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Thanks to my mom for the fuzzy slippers. :)

upcycle slipper

upcycle slipper

upcycle slipper

upcycle slipper
Sew right sides together,
leaving 2 inches open at the end...

upcycle slipper
like this.

Flip inside out.
Use a pin to dig the corner out all of the way
(important, so that it's symmetrical).
Optional: Fill with fiberfill for more fluffiness.
Mine didn't need it.

Next, Fold inward the opening, making sure no raw edges are showing. Pin to secure it.

All done!

upcycle slipper

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